Not visiting the forum again

Tried to give a tip but people called me stupid and all kinds of bad replies. I decided to change the post and never post here again. Your on your own with the fb coin request. Good day


Yes it does you are right. I just tried it. Thanks for the tip.

Right , super cool beans

Geweldig bedankt
Geniet er nog maar van
GSN zal dit snel in orde maken

Why is this post not translated for people who speak other languages. I have no idea what this pist says

How are you gonna have a forum without translation thats stupid

Great tip. Thanks I will try it.

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Thanks, couldn’t get it to work. Don’t see a player guy, but tapped around and it worked the 2nd time.

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Just tried it. It works! I kept tapping until I found it.

The thing about this coin share is you can only request once in 24 hours. But still more coins

How plz …

I hear a popping sound bit than nothing… I hope they didn’t remove it ALREADY!! Let us know if it is still working & does the island or level matter?
I’ll keep trying… I’ve been SO bummed & noticed once in a while I have gotten requests & even some Facebook coins.

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Seems this may ONLY work on OLDER accounts / versions. I have 2 accounts & worked on my older account but not on my new account


Its not working anymore

Sorry you received bad comments. You were super nice to post the tip. I thank you!

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I love that you posted the information about the fb coin share. That’s why this forum is so great, players sharing tips and suggestions. I’m sorry people were rude to you.

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The game took it away

What was the tip? Thank you!!

Don’t listen to some people. I have been called worse…
I myself appreciate all tips. Bad or good. You were very nice for posting