Not receiving rewards

Hi I took part in the boat race we came 2nd BUT the only reward I received in my reward tab was 1 wooden chest, so I am missing 2 gold chests, 200 gems and coins from this.
I have put in a ticket to support who say I have received everything I HAVE NOT ! so please tell me what I do from here ? This has been happening a lot lately missing rewards etc but “support” say you have received them and you are just expected to go away and be ignored and miss out, THIS IS UNFAIR AND NOT RIGHT but how do I escalate this ?

There is no set amount of chests, and every player that has played on your team will get different boosters, coin amounts and such. The “value up to” gives the variable. Sometimes you get almost the max amount and decent boosters, and sometimes it’s less than to be desired

Tracy I did not receive any rewards

Support is a pain. I figured out it works in tiers. Keep messaging back ask for proof, a log. It’s about 3 replies than your ticket gets escalade. Takes a butt load of time to push through the system. Another reason why screenshots before and after collecting helps


In the most recent boat race game, my team came in 4th, but I got no reward of any kind. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Be persistent don’t close ticket when it ask if you have received what u want. Keep going back at them wear them down. They will say no 2 or 3 times.

Always take a screen shot int his case u need a screen shot if some one else on the team who received more.

One more thing the prize varies on the race if there are 10 people on the team in the race the person who puts up most points on you team will get more than the person who put up the least. So if you were at the bottom point wise that might be reason

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For the amount you spend they should be giving to everyone! That is ridiculous. It’s all fixed in my opinion like the Dig. We can open more holes than the last dig we won no matter how many holes there are it seems we get 1s and 3s …. That tends to make you believe that no matter what you do you won’t win, they just want your coins! I don’t Race anymore because it’s very expensive if you don’t have over 100K in coins to lose DONT DO IT!!! Same with the dig because you can’t really win the games without buying everything like the streak doubler or even time ! Because you use way more money and still won’t get 3 shovels without the boosters! I try to tell my team this but they still don’t win the games!! Just so irritating :angry:

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