Not getting streak bonus star

Is anyone else having a problem with the streak bonus star? Did something change in the number of cards to clear for the meter to go up? I consistently clear five cards and the meter won’t register all of them. Its so frustrating! I’ve even had volcano cards clear 5 and the meter doesn’t register. Are there new rules for this? Please help.


I think they changed the amount you need for streaks. Games that I have all the stars on I can’t get all the red stars on.

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I agree with @redz seems they have changed the amount of cards required

Come to think of it I haven’t noticed mine moving either

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Yep. It is random af, too. Some Crystals will register the suits, some levels they won’t. Some parts of totems on some levels will count towards streaks, some won’t. Definitely happening. And not cool of the devs. At. All. But why am I not surprised? It is probably some “algorithm” just like new shrine. More ways to frustrate players and take our coins.

The algorithm hits ya like a ton of bricks when you think you’ve got the videos down. Anyone else have that problem with the three card pullup I’m always choosing the least bit amount. However there has been a few time when I’ve gotten the max amount a couple of times ina row and that’s when the lil popup window comes up and says " no more you’ve maxed out and or it’s not available st this time lol

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