No playing club

Why do you have to join a club why can’t you play by yourself


@Karen_Bliss, you can absolutely just play by yourself, but there are benefits to being in a club.

  1. There are daily free coins and boosters available to club members.

  2. Club members participate together to complete perks. There are 7 perks a week. Each perk gives benefits as they are completed, such as: more daily coins; booster cards; less cost to play hands; etc - AND completed perks award chests at the end of the week that contains coins, boosters, gems, etc.

  3. The clubs that utilizes chat, offers companionship with people who have at least one simular interest (TriPeaks), support for what we deal with on a daily basis, laughter, and teamwork to accomplish goals.

I have heard many times how much better the game has become when in a good club. :smile:


Also, there a plenty of clubs that are just like being by yourself but with benefits. My club is that way: play when you want, win whatever, do or don’t… “Title Queens Are Us”. Just having fun.


Excellent ! You nailed it.