No leader or co-leader we need help

Our leader stepped down without add a new one and co-leader also stepped down. I don’t want to leave the group, but what I am reading there is no way to add a leader once the leader/co-leader steps down. It was suggested to find a new group. Is this true?

It’s odd that the club doesn’t just disappear if both leaders leave. You do have to promote someone before leaving from my experience.

The system will eventually select a leader, if I am not mistaken. If this is the case it will be in posted in the club note, though it won’t say who the selected leader will be.


The only way for the club to disappear is if a leader removes all members and then leave said club afterwards.


I’ve read in other posts the same thing Colibri stated, the game will choose another leader in time.

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Nope, the game will select the most active player within a certain time frame. No club will just disappear

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Our leader had problems once a new update was requested. She couldn’t update, and couldn’t play without her phone glitching and freezing. We had three co-leaders, we got the message below after a week telling us we had another 7 days. The system would not let us do anything until that time was up and even though I was the most active of the co-leaders, it automatically located the one who had been there the longest. Which by the way was also me, but I got a new phone last year and I had to start over again, I had lost everything, my daily count etc. The other co-leaders and I discussed it and none of them wanted to be leaders. So I agreed. After 14 days one of the others was located as the leader. She then had to step down and allocate me as the new leader, but then we had the message saying she was the new leader. I contacted them three times to remove that message before they would.