No Access to Ads for 2 days

I have not had access to ads. for two days. I am told they are unavailable. I am now unavailable. I will NOT play even one game on Tiki Island until they are restored. You are starting to make this game unenjoyable. I will probably be leaving soon. That is bad for you, because I have won the position of 1st. Place Club Champ for all 13 weeks it has been in effect and I am club leader. This week I have completed ALL the Perks and responsible for HALF of the 60,000 Club Point total. That takes a lot of coins to manage that situation. The ads. help subsidize that process.


I haven’t had any ads either for the past day. A friend of mine has the same issue. Wish the morons that run this game actually noted the version that is the problem. Ever since I did the upgrade a few weeks ago, it has been nothing but headaches with reset times moving all over the place and now this. Take away peoples ability to get free coins and they will be angry. Fix that stupid 6.1.5.xxxxx version of this game already. Force a download to something new that actually works.

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Thanks for responding. The ads are still down. Terrible… Hopefully they will get their act together. Have a great day!

I had the same issue. No ads for 42 hrs. Had to use the contact us button & fill out the form to email them to get them to fix it. If you’ve already sent them feedback on this “testing” of theirs, then I would use that email they sent back to you, to contact them about your Ads issue. That’s what I did & they got it fixed after a few hrs.

Hoping it’s fixed soon for you!

This happens off and on, been playing this game for some time. Send them a message and if they do not respond, send again. No reason to use the F bomb, we are all frustrated with the things going on in this game.

Hopefully with everyone complaining, they will take note and do something. If not I think they will find several will leave and look for another game.

Hope things are better for you :grin:

@Brian_Theroux oh mein gott. Ist zwar spät meine Reaktion aber besser spät als nie… Ist denn bei dir wieder alles in Ordnung?