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How can I send my friends coins? And where do i find mine? Also I don’t have a button to press to get free coins. Can someone please help me. I accidentally deleted my google play and I can’t get it back. When I first joined I bought all my team players a gift box. :package: I’m still learning this game. I know how to play tri peaks solitary. Just don’t understand all the different things in the game yet.

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They can ask for friend request on Facebook you accept and then in the game under Friends you can ask for coins. 20 people a day limit. There is no free button for coins.


Has probado a resetear tu teléfono?

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Translated: Have you tried resetting your phone?

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@Bonita_Wingler, if you accidentally deleted Google play, you should be able to download the app. If you can’t figure it out, contact Google. I contacted them a few days ago and they were super easy to work with.

As for getting free coins, the top left of the game you can ask all Facebook friends who play for free coins. You can collect up to 60k per day. If you need more friends, you can post something in the forum or on the Facebook page.

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Oh Thank you very much. How do,I,collect my coins and give my friends coins? Help me please??!! Also how do I get a hold of Google play when I can’t get on the app?

Thank you very much.

Yes lots of times. :cry:

What. I’m not Spanish hun. Even tho my name is.

But I don’t have a thing to send out coins to my friends. And I don’t have anything at the top left.

In the game where you go to check your messages & news, the first one is where it shows who sent you coins (3k per person) & where it says messages is where you go to press the help button. That automatically sends your coins out (free coins not yours). And right hand side on top it should say Friends that is where you ask people (who have accepted you) to send you coins. 60k max per day.

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Did you figure it out or do you need more help?


@Bonita_Wingler, @Terbaer meant the other left… it’s actually on the top right of the screen in the game. The icon that has an F for Facebook , when you tap on that, you’ll see a list of FB friends that play TriPeaks. You can then tap on Ask for help. When they respond to help (doesn’t take anything away from them), you’ll get a message in your inbox that your friend sent you help (3,000 coins per friend).


I still need help. :thought_balloon:

Hi Bonita, do you still need help with asking friends for help coins? If so, here is a post that might help:

Player Hints and Tips - Asking Friends for Help

If, that’s not what you need help with, let us know :slight_smile:

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Thank you hun. I’m really trying now I’m just getting aggravated.

Terbaer I need lots of help

What do you need help with @Bonita_Wingler? I’m happy to answer any of your questions.

Bonita we are having a hard time understanding what you are needing help with. Did you figure out how to ask friends for coins?

I jave figured that out but dont know where to find them nor send back to my friends.