New rescue quest...

Just FYI… many of the people in my club won’t play this because it doesn’t count towards club points. We have a minimum to reach and some barely make it at all. I suggest that you make it count towards the stars and club points for the team. I have plenty of coins so I play because it’s fun and a challenge. On a side note, I like that things are always changing. I know some people hate it but it keeps it interesting. I would’ve stopped playing a loooong time ago if you hadn’t shook thing up a bit. Sorry to other players that don’t agree. Just my opinion.

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I always look at the rescue mission as something additional like the treasure match game since that doesn’t count towards anything club wise either. I advise my club to get all the club stuff out of the way first before they do any of the extra stuff.
I totally agree with you, i like that they keep adding new stuff to keep the game fresh.


I agree, it’s nice that they are making some changes. I don’t care for the scavenger hunts tho. I refuse to play them. I also don’t play the two other games because they don’t tie to our club points. I probably would if they did.


Most of our team feel the same way. Get the important stuff done first. But it’s stopping our rescues because they don’t tie into the regular game. No cps counts towards our total. Change that, a lot more teamies will play.

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Where did the rescue quests go? I loved playing them.

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@Peakster, I’ve seen it appear twice. It’s like the other game, it pops up for a scheduled time frame. I suspect it will be back again.