New Player Looking for an Active Club

I’m a new player and an looking for an active club where most if not all members play daily or almost daily. I am retired and have recently moved into an assisted living facility because of cancer, but am able to spend daily time on my tablet. Looking forward to making some new friends and being a dependable, supportive member.

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Thank you for the message.
I belong to a club called “Going 4 Gold”. They
Are a wonderful group, that work together on
Club Quest, Dig and Boat Challenges.
I am sorry about your Health issues and Cancer.
If you have some time in your day to play.
You might want to look them up. They really
Pull together as a group. And chat some, too.
If you decide “Welcome” lol, Chi

beautiful belle is looking for new members. We play Club quests, club competitions, club race, and collect tributes for perks. We also take part in club chats regarding all the above. Look us up :smiley:

WitnzProtection is a gold level team with a relaxed atmosphere. Our only real focus is tributes and the tribute quest. I’m the leader take a look.