New phone, concerns

This is not the correct catorgie by my iPad didn’t give me much choice . . . Anyhooo… I am going to buy a new phone and I know I am going to lose my status as leader of my club house so can I transfer leadership before this happens?

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If you connect your game to Facebook your game is saved. If you are choosing not to save your game progress just pick a player in your group and the option comes up to promote to leader. Also the apple ID has rolled out which is another way to save your progress


So is there a way to log in on the app from your phone or will you automatically be logged in they Facebook

If your game was connected prior on your old device, let’s say Facebook. Than after downloading the app, click log in through Facebook and your saved game will be there. I have no idea how apple ID works as my game is tied to Facebook.

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As Tracy said if you are linked to fb there is no problem but if you want to be sure pass leadership to a Co leader swap your phone over and get them to promote you to leader once your up and running.

You do not need to delete the game from your oldcphone/tablet so in a way until you know it worked on the new you still have it on your old phone. I run the game on my phone and tablet. Hope that helps. Martin

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I just got a new phone and I did not have that problem. I’m still leader. When you download the game, go to the top left corner of the game and open up the the menu. Click on log in with facebook. All good.


I had to change my phone out… went from a Galaxy note 9 to an iPhone 11 Pro…As long as you use the same email, you shouldn’t lose anything. I am the leader of my group as well…