New leader in MY club

Hello a new leader is appear in m’y club , and me im co-leader!!! So i can’t remove this new leader, someone can help me to restaure m’y leadership ? Thks


@Alwaysbud, did you leave your club and go back in by chance, even if by accident? If a leader leaves, the horns are passed to the highest point earner in the club.

If that didn’t happen, it might be a glitch. Write to player services. In the game, tap on the Menu button, top left corner, then Help, then Contact us at the bottom of the screen.

Even if you did leave your club, and come back, it wouldn’t hurt to ask player services for your club back.

You can also ask the person wearing the horns to give them back, if they pay attention to chat.

Hope that works out for you!


Did you go idle for a while like a week or more… the team may have requested new leadership if you were MIA…

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