NEW here: lifetime club points

Hi! What are lifetime club points?
Can someone give me the lowdown on how to be an active club member?


Your life time club points are the points you have in the current club you are in. It will have a join month and year next to it. When you leave a club and join a club you have never been in, it resets to 0. So let’s say you leave your current club to join a new club your points start from 0 and start from there. If you decide later to rejoin a club you previously were in, your life time club points are saved from that previous club and your new ones are added to it when you rejoin and play in that club.
The biggest struggle teams have in looking for players, is when viewing a club, read the motto. Most will have what they expect from a player daily example must make 4000 club points and 50 tributes everyday day. If that is too much look for a club that is more fitting to how you play. #1 big no no, players get booted all the time because they go idle, not because they went idle but they never gave a heads up (communication) now most clubs will have no idle time 2O hours. If you are idle 21 hours, you may get removed if you did not let them know something came up and you won’t be logging on. Most clubs are flexible. Just mention in chat, I’m going to the lake, I will not be playing Monday and Tues but will catch up when I get back, or better yet get ahead with your minimums so you don’t fall behind. Most players don’t communicate and that is why they get removed. Most clubs have a private Facebook page, it’s a bonus if you can also join the page, sometimes the game has issues and you can’t get on the game, leave your team a note. Just by following these small things you will find a great club. Most are friendly, easy going. All they want is play equally along with everyone and if something comes up let them know! Even though some have tight rules and high quotas, you’d be surprised if you can’t play just let them know, we all know it’s just a game, and we have lives


Great reply, wish I would have seen this forum and topics a few months ago when a club that added me did not chat much, if at all. It is good to know that if a club I was in has opening after regrowing and I rejoin, my club points will be restored.
Thanks for the info. ~Tiki