New Gold Star Bonus Meter

I’ve got a new Gold Star Bonus meter at the top of my page. It says you gather gold stars by leveling up, going to new area, and beating the clock. Through game play I’ve gotten stars for all those requirements, HOWEVER, it’s not accurate. It says “beat the clock”. I’ve beaten the clock on several lower level games and I’ve not gotten the bonus meter increase. Does this mean it has to be a NEW clock time beaten? Asking because the rules (albeit limited info) doesn’t specify. Also…there isn’t a timer or indication of when this bonus ends. I’d like to get that diamond chest but not sure that’s possible if the bonus ends at midnight. Any ideas?

You have to win new levels. I think you have 24 hours to “beat the clock” - win 50 gold stars on levels you have never gotten 3 gold stars on. Hope that helps, I’m not very good at explaining things

Thanks Robin. I ended up getting the chest. It was for 24hr and was a bodacious haul!! It also seems to allow the player to go for 50 stars again.

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Horrible event, give back 2nd match game please