New friends system

When we request lives, do the requests go to only Tripeaks friends or ALL Facebook friends? Thanks for any info.

@BonnyC, with the new Friend Center, when you “Ask” - that will send the request to those you have friended on the new system (maximum 30 friends). Facebook friends don’t help anymore.

If you need help building your friend base to 30 players, let us know :slight_smile:


My “Friends” seem to want Coins but I never see the favour returned from them…I actually will hve to start an take note of whats what - im really scunnered at the mo. I’m getting very few coins from 30 Friends!!! And I’m sending to Everyone who asks - HOW or WHY accept a F/R and then What? Look at the name and delete it WHY or How could anyone do that? It’s sad…I just couldn’t do that to anyone

CindyLu…can u answer whats going on w friend center and 8hr wait right now? U seem to post alot on everything. Can u answer this one? Would be appreciated if u could…ty;)


I need friends for this game.

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@dammtamm, I just check all 5 of my accounts (lol, I’m addicted!), none of them required more than 4 hours until I could ask for help again.

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I have 14 friends right now and when I went under Suggested to find more, I got people listed that have been Idle for anywhere from 100 to 1000 days. I’ve seen a few people on the forum that I would send a friend request to but I don’t know how to find them. I’m pretty good at returning coins when they are sent to me.

I would suggest to you to get rid of ppl that are over 3 days idle. U can refresh your suggested list. If you know their team name u might b able to find them that way but other than that idk what to tell you…sry was not much help on that. Im on Uno Players team…send me friend request n ill get u. But mind ya im stuck on 8 hr wait…idk how much bigger of a help id b at the moment but ill send u coins when i can. My list isnt full yet!!:wink:

I LOWERED MINE TO A 1 STAR AND EXPRESSED WHY! They have to really understand how much we hate the changes

@Maria_Johnson, go into the clubhouse, then go to the Discover tab. Choose any club, tap on any member, choose Add friend to start requesting from random people. Only choose people who have recently been active. Send a lot of requests out, because you may only get 1 in 10 people to accept. You can also do that on the red star leaderboard.

Thanks. I’ve gotten a few more since I asked about this.

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