new friend center

i figured out how the new friend center work finally. i found that you need players who are active as friends. the friends that have low shares i remove them to find friends that have high shares. ex my shares for the week is 116. so if you have friends that have low share numbers you won’t get that many coins. you will be giving more to them than you are receiving.


Where did you find how many shares you have given? I see where others have but not myself.


In addition to watching how many shares, I also watch idle time. If your approaching 22-24 hours idle, you’re gone unless I know there’s a reason. I’ve even removed real friends because they don’t play enough or share enough.


I also don’t know where to find my share count. I thought you could only see other people’s. Any idea where I might find my share count?

i ask my team mates how many shares i have

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ask your team in the chat

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yes you need active players as friends not necessarily the players on your team

How do you find higher sharing friends? I removed a couple of deadbeats, but my suggested friends is a joke.

I keep refreshing the suggestions until I find something better. I have also added people from the top of the red star leader or from the club leaderboard.

go to other teams and request anyone some will accept some won’t. everyone i have as friends have over 160 shares so far. look for people who are active when sending requests and send request to the players that score higher on the team. if you have anyone that is idle for hours remove them. when you’ve used all your friend request wait a few hours and go to request remove the people who haven’t accepted and repeat requesting new friends