New coin sharing: GSN reinvents the (square)wheel. My feedback to GSN

"We needed this new coin sharing system!"
(said nobody ever)

Why fix something that is not broken? To squeeze some more dollars out your player base? I can’t think of any other explanation and you (GSN) haven’t given us one. Are you banking on a docile player base that takes this lying down?

Log in once a day, collect 60k

Log in four times a day but always spaced 4 hours apart. For example: Log in a 9 am , then again at 12 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm. Now, maybe, if you are lucky, your friends always sent you 15k, you will have 60k

Sounds convoluted? Sounds like a second job? Because it is!

There’s more that needs fixing:

Seeing the friend list first in the Friend Center gets old very quickly. Who wants to see the same list of the same 30 names every single time? Who play tested this? Why can’t we load into the coins sending and collecting page first?

There’s no notification when your friends need coins even though now there seems to be only a four hour window to send coins.


Most definitely needs notification … but I’m thankful for what I get…I don’t have Facebook,so there no comparison


There does need to be a notification for friends needing coins. However, I really like the new friend center. I am receiving a ton more coins than I was from Facebook. I only have one friend on facebook that still plays.

I needed it and so did most of the members in my club. :slight_smile:


As a non facebook user, this has been helpful to me. I even hit 90k coins received one weekend and average about 75k a day.


It sure looks like an upgrade for players who did not use FB coin sharing. That seems to be a minority though. We have only one player that I know of in our club who didn’t have FB. If you had no coin sharing at all, what we have now must seem nice. I get that.

For most players, it is now worse though. (You can go on FB, and read the comments). Feels like we have to open friend center like 50 times a day. to collect and send.


Even more things they need to fix:

  • Suggested tab is completely broken. At least for me. My suggest friend list is always empty. I know from other players that it works for some people. For me, tapping the refresh button does nothing. It loads an then goes back to “No suggested friends”.

  • We need to be able to see the weekly shares before we add a friend. Right now, adding someone is a crap shoot. When I add them I often see that they have a ridiculously low number of weekly shares and I have to remove them right away and find someone else to add. I need to see the weekly shares before I invite someone to the friend center just like I see the club points of people before I invite them to the club.

  • We need to see our own weekly shares number. Pretty self explanatory. Imagine you couldn’t see your own club points in the club house :slight_smile:

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No one on our team likes the new coin sharing. We are all losing coins on a daily basis and also have noticed that we are not winning games like we used to. We are a Legend team and have long time experienced players who are noticing a lot of small ways GSN seems to be trying to get us to buy more coins and boosters with less wins, less gifts in chests, etc. Instead we are having people leave our team to go to a lower level so they don’t have to spend more real cash to keep their scores up. These people used to spend money on a regular basis, but as gifts and just to enjoy the game a little more. We do not like to be forced into spending cash just to win games to stay where we were before. As leader of this team I am getting daily comments this past week on how unhappy my team members are with GSN and the new changes and talking about leaving the game altogether because the fun is being sucked out of it for the money. We hope GSN will make some more changes.

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The best way to get attention to the new coin system would be go change your rating for the game. You know 1-5 stars. Used to be 5 now 1 They will notice