NEW "Club Notes" option-Need more info

What happened to that club notes box. Its definitely something clubs need so we can leave a note 4 a specific person. Notes can get lost in chat as you can only scroll so far backwards & have no way of leaving a note and a guarantee that the teammate saw it.

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@Sadie-Mae, that’s exactly what I use club notes for! I hope you are not saying you don’t have club notes!

I still have it, use it regularly our club rules are posted there and other random tips, and info for team. I hope there not taking it away.

As far as I know I still have it. It comes in handy. But I really don’t know if anyone pays attention to it or not.
I leave a note every so often just, just because of the fact your notes get lost on chat after awhile.

I know this Is an old thread but still wondering about that club notes box. Neither the leader or myself co are able to post anything under that bracket. I recently deleted and redownload the game so I assume I have most updated version? Chat is great just for that chatting but want a way to post a note that all players can see as if a player for instance is idle for awhile or it’s a day when folks are thanking for a gift box notes can easily get lost. It seems a shame to have that tab but no one c an use it. If I’m reading correctly your able to use it, how?

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Have you sent a help telling them your unable to post there.

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