New club competition

Anyone have strategies they want to share on new club competition

The dig competition requires really good communication. Players who don’t chat will just waste their shovels. I like the idea of pairing up with someone that plays at the same time as you and then taking turns together. I also like the idea of more experienced players waiting until the end (this lets the non-chatters mess everything up first lol and the experienced can pick one of the holes that is started). Because this is new for many players, I tried to pair an experienced player with an inexperienced player, but one thing we haven’t mastered is the aggravation of seeing people that don’t chat on and either not digging or digging all over the place. We’re not really sure the 400 or 700 gems is worth this aggravation. It’s important to max shovels so if you can afford it, this is a good time to use the streak doubler, boosters and/or extra coin - a lost game is a wasted game. When you see one beam of light, you are two digs away from gold. Two beams of light means there is just one dig left. If you don’t uncover any gold, then you get nothing, so it’s worth uncovering at least something. It appears that all those that qualify win even if they never dig so that’s also pretty frustrating.


Great post! I’m a master of hoarding so I have plenty of doublers to use, I try and save mine for later, but I find that aggravating because I just want to git her done :rofl::rofl:, alas I am at war with myself lol


lol I also have plenty and am afraid of someday having none so don’t want to use them :slight_smile:


I lost 3 shovels! 2nd time this happened. Please refund me or fix it. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum @Jol
Iv lost shovels before so pay close attention.
If you lose them try to close game down completely and open again. I got mine back. A few times this way.