New card set up

The new card set up at the beginning of each hand is awful. Why are you trying to change something that doesn’t need changing? There are plenty of other improvements you could make, please revert this on back. I’m using 30 minutes of free play to write this. Please do not ignore, I may be the first but will not be the last

I will no longer be playing Solitaire Tripeaks since the new double card setup, a very long time player, too bad you have ruined thus game that was so fun to play 12 months ago, not sure how often I will check in. But you have just lost my set aside monthly purchase money… An ex avid player!

I believe the Double Stack is just a prize for completing perk 7 (the special perk). Like other perk prizes, it’ll probably be done with the game resets in a few hours.

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