The two “leaders” talk awful about each player in messenger!! They boot people at reset, not allowing them back to collect chests (most of these players are in 15th or better place). They purposely not allow anyone to be in top 3 for “it’s there place only”.
The team is this unable to keep teammates, a mass exodus every couple of weeks.
I regrettably endured it for over a year…so I know!!!


I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. Are you still looking for a team?

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Hi. Not at this time. I may in the future. Think I will take it easy for a bit. Thanks for asking though!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Can I keep your name in case?

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Yes! Contact me anytime

I was in that club! Sent you a PM. :grin:

WHY would you stay in it for a YEAR? Because it was fine that they treated people badly until they turned on you?
You don’t like a club or how its being run, just LEAVE!
Why whine to us all now when you were all in for a year of your life?

Why do bitter Betties post slanderous things on this forum??


It’s a shame they act that way, but just so you know, even if booted at reset, the player will get the chests.


So even if they haven’t logged on to get them? Cause I always assume that if you remove someone they don’t receive their perks unless they rejoin the team.

Correct - if they leave the team before reset, they can still collect as long as they haven’t played elsewhere. If they are booted after reset, they will still collect.


Thanks for the info Anne :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s see…“anonymous”…the best thing to say is “hindsight is 20/20”. Should I have left prior, oh yes! Shame on me for not and enduring the toxicity for so long. Live and learn. But also make others aware so they won’t make same mistakes.

“Anonymous” are you bitter as well?!


I actually got no chests at all. When I finally decided to go ahead and try another team…then my chests appeared! I was very happy for that!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
But looked like I wouldn’t have gotten them if I wouldn’t have joined a team.

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I wasn’t “allowed” to rejoin Little Gems to collect. All weekend went without chests. Even sent in ticket to GSN for explanation. I joined a team (I think on Monday). And the chests immediately populated.
So I assume if a player wishes not to join a team, they just loose their rewards.
GSN responded, but after I collected, so no explanation of what woulda happened.

I’m not bitter at all because I don’t stay in situations that are not good or make me unhappy for any amount of time, period.

I’m also not making nasty headline posts in a forum about any clubs I have had bad experiences in, yet stayed for a year of my life. :roll_eyes:
YOU MADE THAT CHOICE ! Now after a year you want to slander this club (no I have had no experience there) Most people have the sense fairly quickly to know/feel if a club is “toxic” or just not for them and they just MOVE ON.
You are obviously at a very mature age to have some common sense BUT YOU STAYED IN THIS CLUB FOR A FRIKKIN YEAR AND NOW WHINE ABOUT IT ?!
Yes, shame on you for enduring such toxicity for so long and being a fool to not just leave and go be happy in another club.
Others experiences in that club may may not be the same as yours, your warning is not for others, you just want to be a bitter crusty crab, period.
Thats why I think your post is crap and you get no pity here . No fool like an old fool Betty

FYI - the facebook sign on to the forum will only let me post this way “anonymous mode” or not at all.

"loose"… not firmly attached or tight

"lose" … to be deprived of something or unable to find

Learn your 3rd grade words :laughing:

I am logged with my Facebook account, so in case you didn’t know you can change back and forth to use Anonymous. Top right, hit the A then the person icon and scroll down to “Exti Anonymous Mode”

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Agee…I changed it just to see

I Haven’t had it that bad but I understand I enjoy this game and I like helping my team but when they start talking about others not doing their share or not as much as them it makes me feel they are talking about me even though I’m a good player but not #1 (avg 15,000-20,000 week, 200-300 tributes, 10-20 shovels in comp, top 15 with reaching top 3 about 40 times) I also purchase thanks chests when extra coins are involved for my team. Now I just ask outright if they want me or not on their team because if they don’t I’ll join another I don’t want to stay on a team that doesn’t want me or causes me a headache. Life is too short! Good Luck on finding a new match team Katina Lee.

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Unless I am missing something, everyone on the LITTLE GEM’S team has been idle anywhere from two (2) days to 840 days. Even the leaders, which there are several, have been idle from 213 days up. The top two people are GUESTS. Are you sure you have the right team? They may have deleted it, who knows.