Need to find a new team!!

I am looking for new team. I always get at least 25k a week (usually more) and usually the highest tributes on my current team. Always max out on CQ’s. Need a new home :frowning:

Friende would love to have you! Our rules/guidelines are easy - 2k a day, 100 tributes by weeks end, do your part in CQ. Reply in chat

Hey @Lisa_Ciolek_Frenz The Resty Place (gold league team) would love to have you. Here are our rules. Let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face: If that’s not competitive enough for you talk to me about our sister diamond league team.

@Lisa_Ciolek_Frenz, sounds like you’d be a good fit for Tipsy Tikis.

Our club is fun and offers a bank week approximately every 6 weeks. Let me know if you aren’t sure what that is.

Our requirements are 15k by Sunday night, except during the summer, which is by Monday. It’s a push to get the golden tiki quickly, so we have her to play with for the week. Competitions are optional. We’ve decided not to work on club quests unless it’s for club doublers or gems. We still manage to complete of them just by playing. Our two most important requirents are no going over 20 hours idle and players must chat. We are really easy to work with if you are unable to play or are going on vacation, as long as you communicate ahead of time.


You are welcome to join Off da isle we are looking for dedicated players.

Hi there, if you haven’t found a home yet, have a look at Going Up. We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of playing, so all we ask is that you post if unavailable for a while. Apart from that, play for Perks and Tribute quests in particular. Hope you join us.

Mermaid Lake has an opening. Currently Platinum but solid top 10 Gold team. 10K minimum and 72 HR idle unless notified. Must read Chat. Best of luck.

We’ve got just the place for you! Awesome, friendly team called “Just Playing” logo has tongue sticking out, several with same name! Currently platinum, but with your help, we could be diamond! 8k cps daily or 42k weekly, max all quests, no more than 20 hrs idle and communication is a must! Give us a try on a trial basis. If you don’t like us, you have nothing to lose! Look forward to seeing you!

Hi Lisa…if you did not find a new team yet, Showmetheapples would love to have you join us. We are a top 15 friendly Platinum team (with most players being on our team for several years) and our Perk Order is 126354S. We ask all our players to be sure to check Club Notes, use Chat to write “maxed” when they complete each Club Quest and let us know if they will be idle for an extended period of time. Our Daily Club Minimums, that we all exceed, are 3,500 Club Points per day and 25 Tributes per day. Playing in the Club Competition is optional. We do not compete on weekends but merely everyone qualifies and the first few active dig one hole for gold and stop so we take 5th place (50 gems is better than 0 gems!). Midweek week with Golden Tiki those who wish to participate in digging must dig with a minimum of 10 shovels. My team does 2x Club Gifts and it varies from month to month how many players participate but buying a gift is definitely not a requirement!

Tiki Paradise would love to have you join us.
We have recently lost a few players due to life, illness and work.

Please check out my team. Read the rules & see if they fit.
My club is called Kitty tiki’s

Play As You Can is looking for 2 loyal players. We would love to have you join us.

We’re a dedicated platinum level team. Please Look up “THE Club” and come join us!

Tomboys would love to have you join …we are a friendly team that focuses on completing CQ and comps and chat often to keep each other updated on the game and just friendly chat… would love to see you

Hope you haven’t found a good fit yet! Because we would love to have you join our Rikki Tikki team in the Platinum League.
Our minimum is 25000 a week and 250 tributes a week. But many members achieve alot more. We play for quests and always get perk 6 and often bonus perk. We recently lost good players due to personal reasons and want to keep our level of play by having players as yourself. We love to chat, and have fun. We are more then a team we are family!

If you haven’t found YOUR club yet, join Merry’s Misfits. It sounds like you would fit right in with us!!

This is our team with still 3 days until tournament ends. Its amazing. I ended the tournament is 1455 tributes. We expect players to get around 700/800 atleast by the end of the week really. Club quests are a must, we don’t focus too much on the red star tournament as that’s usually a rubbish prize and eats coins, but we do all the others. Feel free to come find us if you’re a serious player :smile:
We have 2 teams which some players flip between to help each other out too.

I am looking for a new team. I run 3 businesses yet I complete quests, play the Club Competitions and get at least 200 tributes per week. It is disappointing to see rules ignored and nothing done about it. It is a total waste of coins.

I’m looking for a good gold or platinum team to play. I work two jobs but can play daily. My game name is msjoana75. Thanks

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Betterplacetobe 28k week, we complete all perks by Monday latest. Fun team try us out

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