Need to find a Active Club

My wife and I would like to find a club that is very active. We play Daily. Thanks Craig

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Craig, how many coins do you and your wife win each week? Do you max Tribute quests, and do you play the digging/boat race comps?

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We both max the tribute and we do play the races. We both play daily. We probably average 50,000 to 100,000 coins daily

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You would both be very welcome to join “Going up” although with that amount of coins I suspect you might be looking for something higher than a Gold league team. If you are interested, we are a 5 Perk team and while digging is optional, we expect people to play after they qualify. Hope you will check us out :slightly_smiling_face:

We are definitely interested. Our current team Does Not play and we would love to be on a active team. Thank you

Hi, Melinda and I (Craig) both sent join requests. Thank you

Acceptance messages sent to both of you

I’m Shauna and would love to join your teem ,I just started the game and need some pointers, thanks.

Hello I’m Shauna and would love to join your teem ,look me upk.

Hi Shauna, our team is full at the moment although, if you have just started playing, you should probably be looking at a lower league than Gold anyway.
Build up a track record so Team Leaders can see what you score each week, and how many Tributes you get. That will put you in a good position to apply to stronger teams - or be invited to join one.

Your welcome to join Polings. We are probably not what your looking for.
We are trying toget members that actually play as a team.
Our club requirements are in our notes
Wishing you the best.

Hi Craig, we are a Platinum team. Tiki Scotland, sometimes we go Diamond for a week or 2… we need players who play daily, minimum 6k club points daily, sometimes we might ask for a bit harder play. We are a awesome bunch of players, kind to all. Give us a try, we have 1 open spot but can open a 2nd spot. Tiki Scotland ;)) xoxo

Whimseys Wonder Would love to have you both. We are in need of a few more players. Have an opening and can open another spot, been using my extra until we can get it filled…We have awesome double gift days, everyone is real friendly and been together at least 4 years.

I’m interested in finding a new group My current club rarely make CQ, and we are usually 4th or 5th in the race and third or fourth in digs ‘Not everyone plays for tributes and it gets discouraging let me know if you would be interested in having me!

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If you haven’t found a new home yet, it would be useful to post how many coins and attributes you get each week. That way, team leaders will know if you are a good fit, as many will have a minimum requirement.