Need players or a team needing players come merge with us

Tripeaks master needs some new members, we have a good core of players ,that deserve better than what we get every week, we get 5 perks and do decent on competitions but want to a little better, we communicate well and are very friendly, so. Come join

Hi Timmy, it’s Tropicana! If you see this message can you let the club know I tried logging into FB to claim prize although it linked a new account and now can’t access other. I’m working my way back up to level in hope I can rejoin.

I will tell them ,just get back in touch with me when you want back in ,take care

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Thanks Timmy, it’s painfully slow working back through levels! Hope to catch up with you all soon. Tell them thanks for adding me as friend again (still playing under same name)

I have informed them about your situation, you just keep doing what you need to do ,everything is ok ,take care we will be here for you

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