Need more club points

I usually have 900k coins, I have about 21k club points today (thurs) and am at sky derby lvl 153. My club, which i love, requires a 25k club pts by wed. How do i do that? I play and play but am still having a hard time reaching club goal. Any suggestions??


Save the easy games for club quest


Do you play tribute games? Those pay out some of them over 200clubpoints each… Win all 5 and you will have close to 800+ club points …tributes refresh every hour so it would be close…or you could refresh tributes…
****on another note did you ask them in chat if you could stay or are they firm on you will get kicked out.
Maybe they could give you another chance🙂
Goodluck to you!


Move down. Should not be in a club where the minimum Is 25k and you just skate by with 25k. You should be in a club that requires around 15 to 17k minimum. Otherwise you have no breathing room and feel stressed out over a game that you should be enjoying stress free.


I do play the tributes many times a day. Not that i win many. Do i need to try to level up?


Are you talking about advancing? Maybe threw sky derby… but what Iv found is it takes lots of coins and boosters the farther you go in the game so dont be pressured to advance
The farther you go the more the tributes are put on harder levels -my option…work at a pace you feel comfortable. And enjoy the game.
There are lots of clubs out there so don’t be scared to find a good match for your play style.
Good luck.


I’ve been on teams and felt stressed to make minimums and teams where I just enjoy the game and the people I play with. It’s two different things for me. Being competitive and finishing all perks is exciting but stressful. Maybe not finishing all perks but enjoying the club and team effort is a nice escape and relaxing. Depends on how you want to play. Andi’s Relax is looking for players and it seems you would fit right in :slight_smile:


Welcome @anne86
Great comment! :slightly_smiling_face:


Mermaid Lake would live to have you.

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Hi Tasha, I’m not calling you out on your mathematical skills lol I’m just wondering why you say you will have close to 800+ club points with 5 wins of tribute boards at 200 club points each? I’ve been trying to figure out how scoring works for some time now resulting in very little.
I read once before that if you win all 5 tributes you get bonus points but I don’t see it when I’ve monitored my games, do you happen to know if that’s true and maybe I’m missing something?
The goal/completion obviously rises with the levels but other than that I have no clue how that score is determined.
Any info you know in regards to scoring is much appreciated! :grinning:


All points are dependant on which level you are playing. The more it costs to play, the more points can you can earn.

I play the less expensive hands, and count on the bonus points from the tributes.

You get approximately 25 points for every 1,000 coins you win while playing a regular hand (with or without tributes). I haven’t actually verified this lately, and they have been known to change it up a little one way or the other, so it might be a little different now,

You can possibly get bonus points when you play hands with tributes. In the past, it’s been 20 bonus points if you only uncover 1 tribute, and 120 bonus points if you win the hand & uncover all 5 tributes. Again, I haven’t verified that in a while (aka - actually paid attention - lol), so the amount of points might be slightly different at the moment.

I think that’s what @Tasha was saying, play those tribute hands for the bonus points :slight_smile:

BTW, I count on about 1,000 points after playing 5 tribute hands.


@Scataplexy - well my math isn’t off because I can general get over 800+ club points on 5 tribute games you have to WIN them ALL, so it may cost you a booster or more cards but it can be done.
If you after fast points winning tributes game is the fastest way I have found. And if you keep your levels low the tribute games are easiest to win, the more advanced in the game you go the more boosters it takes to win them.
That is only my opinion but it works for me.


Thank you Cindy, I knew winning the tributes pretty much doubles the club points you would get for regular hands of the same cost and by winning all 5 tribute hands is generally around 1000 points, just was confused why @Tasha stated only 800 points.

I didn’t know you get approximately 25 club points for every 1000 coins earned in any/all hands, I’ve wondered how club points were determined so that’s good to know!


That all depends on how many tribute games are on tiki island, you’ll get the least amount of club points earned there because they are cheap to play. I will get 800-1100 winning all 5 tribute games depending on what island the tributes are


Thank you for this suggestion. I did move down and this week I was a club champ, placing #2. Not getting many extra gifts, chests, but maybe I will progress and be able to be in a tougher club later.


I am slowly learning exactly that Tasha. Thanks for the explanation


Tributes pay out over 200 club points on a win … making 1000+ point “easy” on the hourly 5 tribute sites … this isn’t “cheap” though