Need friends to share coins

I play daily but need friends to share coins.

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I’m new to this game
Need coins also.

what is your facebook name I will send friend request I found 3 Mini_Mae when I tried to look you up

if you look on facebook for me you will see same picture

It’s Shane Bissell. There is nothing on it but tripeaks stuff. Hate Facebook but love this game.

Are you still looking for coins?

I will always add friends to share coins. I do not follow game friends on Facebook. I usually friend then click unfollow for sharing coins only.

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@Sandra_Edwards add me, will share daily Lisa Freiberger from Brazil, Indiana

Lisa Freiberger

Lisa Freiberger with that picture with a Chicago Cubs frame @Sandra_Edwards

You can add me @ Elise cunningham

It’ll say I’m from Akron Ohio if you need help finding my profile.

I have many friends now but I share throughout the day if you want to friend me to help you.

add me please! dannamonday44@gmail