Need coin swap friends

Anyone willing to send me friend requests for coin swaps? I’m Crystal Roberts in Syracuse NY. My profile pic is black and white of me and my my daughter. Thank you in advance:)


i will!! i need coin friends too!!

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i still cant find you even will all that great info you gave. lol my name is cris waters…profile pic is me wearing a turquoise sweater.

Hello my name is mark and I’ll defiantly do that with you so we both get some coins. Ima give you my cell number so you can txt me crystal and explain to me what we need to do 6194467606. I’m in san diego, CA

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I’ll find you on Facebook. I’ll send you a friend request. You just have to accept it.

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Also looking for friends

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Cris I too need coin friends you can add me to your friends. Thanks
carolyn renee hargis-hestand is my name should be easy to find and I am on facebook

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You can add me slynn uselton and we can swap coins

I’m looking for friends to i also play every day (all day) and as we all know it’s hard on the coins… I can add me… Everyone…happy gaming

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I need coin swap friends too please

I have sent request!

Sorry, my Facebook name is Marianna not Eeyore! I need to fix that lol

I need coins too. My name is Marianna Casebolt. Sent request.

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Hello my name is Hagit Yahalomi. I need coins friends can you please add me :heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️:heavy_heart_exclamation:️

I am looking for friends too. Find me on Facebook and send me a message. My name is Jerry Gaunce same here! Just mention you are from the game :relieved:

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add me mike Scroggins

I have a FB group for my club. You can join to send coins. It’s set to private so all of the people listed are active players. Just search tripeaks honest play on FB and send a request. Message me “hi mommy” so I know it’s someone from here and not spam and I will gladly add you so you can earn some coins and send some to my members too :slight_smile:

I’m looking for friends as well. Not sure how to get them. I’ve played every day

Mike Snyder will if you need me to