Need a club for next event

I took a 2 year hiatus. My old account I gained 35-100k a week. I do not have the time for that account… I do have a new phone and new account that I started this week. Slowly opening new levels. Joined a random club before getting on here. Have 15k this week and probably end up with 20k and 500+ tributes. Looking for a good club that can get 6 perks a week. Lots of new features since I last played. Looking forward to opportunities.

tu peux rejoindre notre club : LES CHOCOLATINES…

I dont speak French is it?

Maui Retreat needs players

Hi. What kind of numbers do you expect weekly? Also what do you usually achieve each week?

We usually get about 125k with about half participating. Need players who can get tributes and check club gift

The Clan is looking for some members to join our family :slight_smile: we are currently rebuilding and have room for some players. We require 3,000 club points daily, the dig is optional for members but we will be reviewing this weekly. If we dig we work together and for our first two digs have got 1st place easily :):1st_place_medal: we will be working on all perks and currently have 1-6. We started working on perk 7 as soon as it came available​:moyai:and we also enjoy chatting and helping each other. We like to help players coin build and aim to complete all club quests, so far we haven’t lost one :purple_heart: we only returned to our club last week and have spent it in 1st in gold league. We will be moving to platinum next week :blush: our overall goal is diamond/platinum :gem: if you love animals :hedgehog: and want a team understanding of life situations we could be the right fit for you :orange_heart:

Take a break is looking for a couple of new players. We get all the perks completed. We currently have 1, 2, 3 and 6 completed. We ask for a minimum of 21k points per week but a lot of our players get a lot more and maxing tributes quest is a must. We have 1 space available now. Possibly another one soon.

Our Club is always happy to welcome players who enjoy the Team effort challenges, and general daily contributions like unlocking the gift.
Our name is “holiday”, leader is KBS
Check us out!

come join Dirty Ducks - you sound like you’d fit right in on our team. :slight_smile:

Tiki Amigos is looking for new players - is the invite only club when you search. Minimum is 35k a week and we are a diamond team.

It sounds like Merry’s Misfits is for you Mcpainter. I am not sure how long I have been gone, but you are right, there are a lot of new things. I just started a team, and I am looking for someone that can play every day, I don’t mean manic playing, just playing, plays tributes, as you do, will cooperate in club quest, opening club gift, and will not only qualify, but play the new club competition. We have a great way to play that, it requires team play and chatting so one end knows what the other is doing. I will be honest, we have not gotten #6 yet, but as I build the team, I know we will, we are almost there now with 12 players!
Come join us for some fun and relax!

Hey all we are a platinum team looking for 4 players that know how to dig, communicate and complete quests. Please be friendly. Let me know