My Kitchen Masterpiece

If crafting, drawing, and building aren’t your things, perhaps you’re an artist in the kitchen. Show us a meal you’ve prepared with a Solitaire TriPeaks twist that will make us drool!

Just hit “REPLY” and upload your submission!


Tiki and poi love it​:heart::heart::heart:

Donald 1111100



Air fryer BBQ ribs with loaded salad, homemade spicy butter pickles and for dessert homemade peach clobber. YUMMY

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I’m Emma these are my volcano cupcakes

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I got bored today and made foccac


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Homemade apple tart with apricot jam.

love grilling outside and lobster tail are so yummy and .make you think of the islands
Even Poi would love it.

can’t party in the islands without a fancy drink. Aloha

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made this hanging towel and couldn’t help but think it looks like Poi

This is the Totem Pole of Burgers!!!

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Wow!!What an awesome scene!You are trlyatalented!!Happy eating that one!!

This is a cake me and my Mama Lisa made. It was definitely a lot of work but we had fun!

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This is my TriPeaks version of Avocado Toast


That is so danged awesome!!

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes - made in my instant pot at the same time. Prepping takes a bit, but ready in 35 minutes! Then you pop in the oven for 5 minutes for the glaze and mash your potatoes while it’s in the oven. Wah lah!