My coins disappear faster than I they should

I watch the video for coins and get nothing in my account also at alot of different times I look at the counter and I see that doesn’t add coins when you win games or get the credits. I’ve complained about this and they say they’re working on it but that was a year ago and it keeps happening, it sucks that I really like the game. They told me to reset my cache and after that they said I was sent a partial credit on all the coins I never received. So, they basically said I was up the creek. Anyone, Any updates or ideas? Please

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Have you also tried installing and reinstalling the app? Are you connected to Facebook or Scopely, so you don’t lose any of your progress or rewards, if you do decide to install/reinstall. Also, below are some tips to get some coins or not lose too much. You may already be doing them, but it’s the genereal tips I like to share.


  1. Boosters does not always have to be activated before each play; sometimes they work best in the middle or near the end of a play.
  2. Avoid using “More Cards” or “Undo”
  3. Join a club, if you haven’t already, as the rewards are better if you work with a team. Make sure to read the notes and use chat, if you decide to join a club.
  4. Find levels that pays out for you, but move around. If you stay on one level, it will not pay out as well, like a slot machine.
  5. Get coins through “Friend Center” every 4 hours, but you have to reach a certain island first to activate this [unfortunately I don’t know which island you have to be at]
  6. Get your free coins every 20 minutes
  7. Go to the games Fan Page (Tiki Solitaire TriPeaks | Facebook) for freebies. *In the game, go to “INBOX” and “News” tab and scroll to the bottom, “View” then “Like Us”
  8. Go to Tripeaks Web Shop: Tap the 3 lines on top right side then tap “Daily Gifts”