Ms B's Misfits looking for serious players

MS B’s Misfits is looking for serious players. Must do 25K per week and 150 Trinbutes . Must do 1k before going idle. Must read chat. Communication is the key to success in our fn

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Sounds great im stuck with a Team who dont even say Hello to each other!! Im a friendly person im not asking for life stories just abit of Team work - we hve yet to reach Perk6! Would love to join a serious friendly team…Thx

We have 1 spot if ur still looking. We do use chat, we do have fun and we work as a team. If your a team player come join. We do have requirement U’m pretty adamant about and that us for new players to do 1k b4 going idle only to show me ur interested in playing with us. Any requirement u cannot make merely let us know and I haven’t removed anyone yet that has just communicated.

Would love to join a serious but fun team that works together. Please let me know if you are still looking! Thanks

Yes melissa, we just lost one sorry it took me so long to get back with you. Come on and join us we’d love to have u if u r a serious player.


I am having trouble finding your club. Is the club name MS B’s Misfits?

Yes. Someone else had a problem and I think they said they only typed in Ms b and it came up so u might try something like that, different ways. Sorry, sometime it just pops up and other times it doesn’t. If u r in a club and ,don’t mind giving me the name of that club, perhaps I can send u an invite.

That sounds great!! Im just back from Holiday-
So Sorry for the delay. Im a daily strong player and daily gifter. If you still have an opening.

Would love to join ur team please let me know if you still have a spot. Many Thanks

We r full right noe but will keep your name and will let u know if we have an opening and if u haven’t found a permanent group. Thank u for your interest.