Motivated Team Players Wanted

Good Day Tripeaks Addicts !
If you love the game as much as we do and want to focus your energy on a team who is also committed , then Blazed is the team for you ! We always complete all 7 Perks, and we never lose a club quest ,as i love my wilds ! We have high energy players who always go above and beyond club expectations.
We took a trip to the legend league and enjoyed our stay there but as always , life happened for some and we lost some amazing fam members. We have been down 4 & 5 players but still managed to get all perks completed.
The game is getting tougher so only the tough will survive. If you are looking to find a new home, please send request to join " blazed " and give us a try. If you havent found your perfect fit yet , no worries … its out there and i wish everyone the best of luck! When you find it , you will know !
Guess i should add that our club min is 7k daily points and dig is optional !
Cheers !

Will you be accepting new players at reset

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Hi Martha
Have several gone to rest team for awhile so yes I do have opening .
Please send a request and we will get you in quick !
If you have already found a new team I wish you much success !

Send request to Blazed if you are still searching ! Thank u for your interest !