Mother of 3 month old

I’m looking for a good team with understanding leaders! I’m a stay at home mother, with a 3 month old. So i have time to play, just somedays are a little tougher. But i make sure to contribute to team quests! I try to max everyday for those and i’m good at getting club points. I have lots of coins so i won’t run out any time soon, and i haven’t played in a while. So once i catch up to the end again, i’ll only be doing the tiki ones that make lots of points (:


Have a look at Going Up. We are very easy going and would be glad to have you :slight_smile:


Team Warriors would love to have you. We are a platinum team. 20k a week (most players get double that) 24hrs idle limit. Please look us up. Or I can add you if you send me a friend request on FB. Sharon Lindsay same picture as here on facebook. :slight_smile:

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Gliding tikis would love to have you as part of our team! Stay safe and Happy playing

Still looking? Try us. Platinum team. 5k/day. Key Largo.

No F’s to Give - 20k a week minimum consistent platinum club even though we’ve had a weak bottom 5. We finally cut all 5 loose for new players. I’m very flexible about idle times and mínimums as long as you’re a consistent player and especially if you communicate

We would love to have you in Mirs we understand family comes first! :heart: Look under Mir it won’t come up if you use the S for some odd reason

If you’re still looking for a good team, look for Be Happy with Carmel as leader. We are a Diamond League team. We require 3K when you first join, and 7K daily, with 49K weekly. Try to max all club quests. Life comes first, all we ask is that you communicate if you can’t meet requirements.

Ex Diamond & higher leagues top players just started a relaxed no big commitment club as both got life things getting in way. So don’t let current league put you off.

Looking to recruit players after a relaxed club that wants to grow but not have that big commitment of higher ranked clubs.
Yes we want you to play when you can put it’s a club that realises life does get in the way of game playing.

Look up The Ice Hotel if you wanna join where the Dawn twins play :wink:

We look forward to welcoming you aboard soon

If you are still looking, check out Perk Smashers. We have a 24 hr idle time, but we understand life gets in the way, communication is a must!

Unicorns Too is looking for members like you! 15000 per week.

Club Joker opens for you ))

Look at swinging monkeys :monkey:. I have plenty of space for you in my club.

If you’re looking still, or again, we’d love to have you in ClubHoose! We usually get 4 perks at this point because our core group has dwindled. I’m trying to recruit to rebuild that core though. We used to get 5 or 6 perks easily every week. I only ask that everyone play their Tribute games and participate in Club Quests and Club Competition. We have a few players who have been with us for several years and would love to have some new players!

Hi Chenoa, we are a very caring club. I have some of the most loyal players and we are very supportive of one another during stressful times. We are looking for people who want to be part of a team not just play on a team. Lokaho would love to have you as a member.


If your still looking check out the ‘the ice hotel’

We’re a chilled club just ask you play daily & contribute to club CQ/Club comp’

Look forward to welcoming you onboard

Come try our terrific team! 5k daily, complete all quests, chat, chat ,chat! We are “Just Playing” logo has tongue sticking out! Request to join because we are currently invite only! Please try us! You can always leave if you don’t like us!