Money is ruining the Integrity on Games

Tell me if I write a ticket saying I lost my money, had a glitch or now play the side games. Customer Support want a screenshots?? Number Trans. But it’s a week or more later? Tournaments over.
But they still take my money??

Well I’m learning everybody!! I thought post this…
How about yesterday couldn’t win a game. Today spent too much. Maybe 8+. Tiki never was a on affordable game today yes but when I use my Free up,it dissappear…

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When you say you lost your money, was it a purchase through the shop?

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Lost money, for me refer to buying 15$ + but every game afterwards was a losing game. To make me buy more!
I did a ticket for the extra earn credit. I didn’t receive anything after subscribing to offer. Or what wS required. Nothing!! Hating to loss progress here. But i can’t play it costing to much.

I would recommend contacting who you used for payment, PayPal, Visa etc and go from there.
As for the game being difficult after a purchase I understand that, I’ve noticed that when a purchase of a club gift, or the free 30 minutes play, the win ratio depletes