Missing out on my club’s perks 🤔

Why is it that when my club completes the task in the perks center, I who has participated in helping us complete it and win the perks chest… I don’t receive anything like I’m not part of the club??:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Can someone please explain?? :pray:t5:

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Perk rewards are in your inbox, and are sent there every day, are you saying you don’t have them there? If that’s the case, while you are on the game click your profile picture and click help and send a ticket in


@Sharrell_Payne, if you are talking about the chests, you don’t get those until the game resets at the end of the week (Thursday for most players).

The other perk benefits (25 % of undo, ect) are game play rewards, and it might take a watchful eye to see some of those.

The benefit Tracy was talking about is when a perk adds to your daily bonus (found in your inbox) - for instance, +50% daily bonus, making it 4,500 coins instead of 3,000 coins. Or, the daily club bonus might get an additional daily medallion.

If you are not getting any of those, do what Tracy said and report it!