Miss Understood

Hi, join us!!! Left a top team to start over.

I would love to join a team that really enjoys playing. The team I’m on presently is going down hill very fast! No-one is playing but once a week. I have over 8 million coins and don’t want to waste them on a team that doesn’t care!

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You can join, the Club is set to public right now. Only 3 members right now

Come on. Ur welcome to join, hon

3 members? Pretty sure we’ve been first place for last 3 weeks.

We would love to have you. Miss Understood. Gold league. We came from Legend league. I’m amy. I’m the leader. No clue what the person below is talking about. We’re full until a few minutes ago

I am looking for a team if you are still looking?

Our team is looking, we are currently on bank week, we do this every 6 weeks, where we take a break and build coins.
I’ll provide screenshots of our rules, if this is something that matches you, request to join Tipsy Tikis, we are on invite only.
Gem competition is optional, we don’t push team quests, we do complete a few, tribute quests are mandatory
Let me know what your player name is if you are interested