Mini games players don't play

How to deal with Members who qualified for Race and Club Competition games but don’t play and get the Rewards?

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It’s frustrating - Make sure they understand before qualifying that it takes serious coinage and boosters to win. It is often upwards of 21K per game and there are (depending on the league level) 7-10 games per day per player. Members often don’t know this and it’s shell shock the first time. You can tell if they score “0” points in qualifying. However, if this is a pattern then give a warning in club notes and then remove. That is if you’re serious about the games. The Boat Race 1st place chest is pretty awesome. I could care less about the Dig. ugh


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I agree with your post. Actually, my club has a “NO digging” rule.
Because of the “serious coinage” involved in the Race, I’ll frequently make it a freebie - join and collect at the end…especially if it’s a 4-day race.


It all depends on what your club rules are. In ours, if they don’t abide by the rules set for any competition [dig/race] and. warnings and chance have been given, we remove them, even if they are one of the top 5 in our club.

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Thanks for your Insite about this situation.

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I appreciate your thoughts about problem.

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None of team mate will play it pretty sad