Mid-Level Gold Team Seeks Active Players

Nuttin’ 2 C is a mid-level Gold Team that likes to finish 4th or 5th for those Gems!

Our philosophies are"pull your own weight" and “don’t pay to play”.

Minimum tournament requirements are 10K, 100 Tributes, max 2 day idle. But those are minimum requirements for off-weeks. We don’t want you to live in the mins.

We like to play early in tournaments to get those Perks working for us!

We like being competitive, but are friendly, and definitely No Drama!
Club Quests, Tributes, Free Coins, and Gem Competitions are important to team strength. Communication via Chat and Notes is key.

Normally we are full and private. But for a multitude of reasons, we have 5 available spots. So we are opening our house to new players.
Interested? Come get in the “Fun V” :wink:

Only a couple spots left so we are back to private. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you an invite. Or simply request at Nuttin’ 2 C :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking for a club that completes Club Quests. I’ve been playing for years, only been in 2 clubs, left the first one because of failing to complete cqs and now this one isn’t committed to it either. I don’t like throwing my coin into to something for no reward. I have no clue about the #'s you require but I play my daily quests, tributes and club quest.

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My name is Cindy my current club is Tiki Joker Wild

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Dayz, thank you for reaching out. You sound like the perfect teammate!
Unfortunately, we are now currently full. I’m sure another club would love to have you!
I’ll reply again if one of our new players doesn’t work out.

We have an opening. Just invited you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi! I’d like to try your team out if you don’t mind. You can fine me as Ramona. I play daily. Right now I have 10,000 points and 99 tributes (Monday). Let me know. Thanks!