Medallion slots in shrine

In the Treasure shrine.
The 2 medallion slots.
A HUGE waste of time! I absolutely love having the shrine. I love playing this game. And being in a member of a competitive club is time consuming, as is. It’s boring. On average, if I drop 10 medallions; at least 6 of those will be a medallion. Usually 2 or 3 or more in a row.

Thanks for being so involved. Have a great day


I agree! It’s annoying and time consuming! Could you replace the medallions with something else please? A volcano card would be nice.


Well that’s no too bad, at least u get a medalion back. I get the 2k payout which means, I end up with less coins that when I started with nothing to show for it either. :angry:
However, I still play it just to get booster cards as they costs 6k in the game & 350 gems for 5, which I sometime buy.
I suppose, after all it’s up to us to use this feature or not & remeber, gambling never pays out but at least here, u get some goodies to help play & win the game sometimes.

Yes! I get annoyed when I get medallions at this point! The physics don’t even makes sense that I get so many medallions in a row!

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agree w/ you immensly. there should be something else in those slots . ho about the volcano on one side and astreak doubler on it. Also insted of 6000 to get things lower the costt to 3000.

I don’t mind getting the 2k with a free medallion. It is a bummer when you use your coins. I guess that is the gamble! I do hate the free medallion slots. Just time consuming is all.