Maximum Removals per Day

What is the daily maximum amount of players that can be removed from a club per day?


There is. I think it’s pretty high but someone will be able to tell you.

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Thank you. I contacted GSN support but haven’t heard back from them yet. Thank you!


According to Peter who answered my query, 24 per day is limit. He is not correct! It is a 24 hourr limit and it goes with PST in California. However, we have been blocked from removing pkayers when we had only removed 3 since midnight! We also have had the block removed numerous times sometime along in the afternoon PST!I
There truly is no rhyme or reason to the blocks!
And why does it matter to gsn how many we remove? We want players that play. We do not want to remove anyone! But, when you get guests that join and do zero, it hurts the team. We should be able to remove all that do not follow the rules! There also should be a way to not accept a guest… Thanks for your comments on these rules.

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Your opinion notrd.Perhaps to re-read your team purpose and post your “rules” .You simply need to follow through.Good luck.Fairness to All!

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