Looking to switch clubs??? What happens if I switch mid perk?

I need some help. I am in a club it is public and anyone can join. What I need help with is usually I double or triple the points and tributes as the person in second place! Can I just switch clubs? What do I lose by switch? Our club creator has been unactive for 30+ days. I can’t seem to find answers. I usually do 60k+ a quest and 500+ totems. There is no communication in the group and I have tried. We are lucky to finish one or two club quest a week. I guess I am wondering is it better to start a club or join?


I too am thinking of switching clubs. I get about 12,000 points a week & always over 100 totems & play every day. In my current club, we have basic rules, but there is always some who don’t abide by them & the leader is very slow to remove them. I want to be on a team who plays by the posted rules/guidelines, with no drama, & no big requirements. Maybe I should start my own?

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You can switch to a different club any time you like. Let’s say you have 30k in your Current club, when you leave your 30k is subtracted from the club that you left, however you will start at 0 in your new club. If I were you I would find a club that best suits your playing needs. By joining a new club in mid week if the have 5 perks completed, you would be able to collect on those perks in the new club also.

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We are looking for new players, as we have a few that aren’t upholding their part. We don’t have any minimums, but do want/expect everyone to uphold their part of being on the team. This week we’re the highest we’ve been in rank, currently at 390. We’ve been consistently in 250-350 range before that. Check us out… ‘girls have fun’. Let me know you’re game name if you’re requesting to join so I know it’s you. :smiley:


Hi Jenny! What’s your team status ( wood gold platinum rookie)? You sound like a great group. My sign name is Peppery Reef.

Thank s for any info! ~~~~Starr

Hi @PepperyReef / Starr, we are a solid platinum team that teeters with diamond level at times as well. Our motto remains the same, life is of utmost importance but we all do like to play! :grin:
Send a request to join.