Looking to merge with a diamond team

Our diamond level club, Perktacular, is dissolving…
I have several diamond level players still looking to join new clubs.
Some of us would like to stay together if possible.

Who has openings??

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Perkmasters has openings please message me

We have 2 spots (3 really, as a 2nd acct can be removed). Diamond team OnceUpon A Tiki (that spelling). Requirements are 7k day, maxxing tribute quests(120), chatting when necessary, and dig and boat games optional, but we dig with a strategy to follow. Pretty nice team just looking to fill our openings with active players and maybe win more team quests when we are full again.

Thanks,all. We’ve all found new clubs for the time being. Will keep you in mind for the future if needed

We have openings - love the game
We are a solid diamond team looking for a couple more serious players.

Come join me in GangGang. I did a dump of players who were no longer playing and have spaces available.