Looking to join new club...

Looking to join a Diamond level club or higher at reset on Jan. 10. Currently in the Platinum league, but looking for a team that obtains all perks, and all players are participating. Participate daily, and have been getting 60k+ points a week.


I recommend you find one you’re interested in and request to join. They will want to see you level of play in your current club.

Tiki Tornados will have a space at reset, we are a diamond league club. These are our requirements; 8k points on Friday, 8k points on Saturday, 4k points Sunday to Thursday, max club quests, 3k before first idle and no idle over 15hours unless a reason has been given. We always get all the perks.

Katie, count me in. Not sure if you can just send an invite and I can accept on Friday morning, or if I need to request to join. Just want to be able to hit the ground running on Friday morning. Thanks

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If you send an invite through now then you’ll be sorted for after reset.

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Perks Priority has openings 50k minimum diamond league