Looking for Very Active Player - Min 6500daily/45k Weekly

:volcano::volcano: Island Healani is Looking for a New Teammate! :volcano::volcano:
We’re a friendly, supportive & drama free club. Our members are committed and looking for someone who will join us in calling our Island “home”. We finish all perks and are almost always rank in top 100.
:low_brightness: We require a minimum of 6500 points daily or 45k weekly (most of us do more). New players need to complete 2k points before going idle
:low_brightness:Must join our island’s private fb group
:low_brightness:Chat isn’t required, just keep the club updated if you’re not able to play and check for club updates on our FB page
:low_brightness:We have an oasis team if you ever need a little break
If you think you’ll be good fit for our club, please comment below & include your player name

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