Looking for the right people, at the right time!

We look forward to welcoming those who may be best fit to become a part of our team.

Our new teammates would:

  • be able to play 20-45 min daily (at least).

  • be skilled players, not dependent on bonuses or forced wins.

  • against coin and cash waste.

  • true teammate, not a solo player.

  • 100% able and dedicated to play all 5 tribute levels that load automatically, every time they load while active.

  • able to max quests and not ashamed to voice when back up is needed.

  • able to effortlessly achieve 3k+ points daily.

Best fit for the busy yet skilled players looking to be a part of a team!

Solo players are all removed, especially anyone ignoring loaded tribute levels.

If any of this speaks to you, let me know and I will share more information or send you an invite! <3

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