Looking for players who want to play

Hi we are looking for players who want to play do all quests and help our club we are currently in platinum and have lost a few players for personal reasons so if yo want a club that chats and jokes around but plays seriously join us we are called in the pound


I need a new team nc mine doesn’t seem to ambitious.

Request to join Tropical beach. Platinum club. We need a daily player and if that is you, then you would be welcome to join. We are going to have room soon.

Give hillbillyHeaven a try relax players chat play tributes club quest

Hi Jeff give us a go at in the pound
We are a friendly bunch and have a good team

Club “Simply The Best” was in Gold status continuously hittimg 4 perks, so close to 5 perks, for a while, then a few of our good club members stopped playing, one is on sabbatical, waiting to see if they will be coming back, and the “umphh” just dropped. Now we have been in stone status continuously, completing 3 perks.
I will be doing some club cleanup this weekend to allow room for new members to join for a “serious, but not too serious play”…just play every day, complete perks to keep us moving and if you need more than 5 days off, let me know. Not too hard, right?

The Clan is looking for one person to join our family :slight_smile: we are currently rebuilding our team and moved into platinum at reset. We require 3,000 club points daily and 1,000 for new players before they go idle. The dig is optional for members but we will be reviewing this weekly, we work together and normally get 1st or 2nd​:1st_place_medal: we get all 7 perks​:moyai:and we also enjoy chatting and helping each other. We like to help players coin build and aim to complete all club quests :purple_heart: if you love animals :hedgehog: and want a team understanding of life situations we could be the right fit for you :orange_heart: