Looking for people who want to play on a daily basis

Hi folks, Our club Fancy Pants is looking for some new players for our club that will play daily, collect tributes and contribute to the overall game.
We are not a top 5 club but we do require players to collect a min of 7500 club points each perk race, not be idle more than 2 days and collect tributes. We are a shy group :grin: that just wants to play the game for fun but we also don’t like to miss club challenges etc.
If this group sounds like a good fit for you come and join us!!
Remember our name: Fancy Pants
Hope to play along with you soon!

Sounds like a winner. My Facebook page got hacked. Have to start over. Lost 600k coins, 3k Jem’s and 100 plus red star boosters. Was in a gold league club

La Tribu also has an opening. Find us in the gold league and request. You may have to add one of us as a friend first since it’s invite only