Looking for new team

I am currently looking for a new club. I typically make between 30,000 to 40,000 in club points per week. I am active in club quests and either complete them or am close in completing them. I always complete the tribute quests. I am also very active in the club competition quest. I am looking for a club that completes club quests and is competitive in the club competitions. I am also looking for a club that earns all the club perks.

Come join all 4 the club. Great team 30k a week 300 tributes

Playing 4 Fun is a new platinum level club. We are very laxed and looking for new members. 15 k weekly club points and 100 tiki. Come check us out. Look for the one with Nicole as the leader.

Retlon’s Rebels can use you. We are invite only, minimum is 4000 club and 50 tributes daily we work with you on schedule - 18 hours idle time -new members must reach minimum before idle - no bullying - come over and check us out

Give The Kool Kidz a try…all 7 perks and quests

Hi Marty…sounds like you would fit right in with my team, ShowMeTheApples–we are a friendly top Platinum team. Our club rules are easy–minimum daily 3,500 club points & 25 tributes as well as use chat when max club quest. Digging in club competition is optional–we only dig mid-week with 10 shovel minimum. If going to be idle 20+ hours, please use chat, our FB group or messenger to let us know. Good luck in your search for a new club.

Hi Marty, my team is in platinum league, and we are comfortable there, we don’t want fierce competition. I only require 12,000 cp and 50 tributes per week. I require team players to play club quests (cq), c gift, and cc as long as you qualify you have to play all the way through. Play daily, if you won’t be able to let us know on fb. If you are interested come and join Merry’s Misfits! If this sounds like a team for you, request to join and I will be checking your score on your other team, then allowing you to join us!! Hope to see you there, if not good luck finding your team!

Try Too Cool. Looking for players who work on club quests and use chat.

I have a club that’s looking for player’s that do play their tributes complete club quest also. We are a great team our club is built on teamwork team players and friendly. We communicate in chat encourage each only. We’re a gold league. I have some player’s I am going to boot Friday but have 3 openings now. They won’t comply with our easy peasy requirements. Play tributes club quest 1500 at least per week have fun and communicate. If you’re looking for such a club as ours come join Oscar’s oasis. Would love to have you. And anyone else needing our club.

Hi Marty.Be Yourself is currently looking for players that can do 4kcp daily.
They get all perks and usually most cq,due to a few players leaving because of life they have missed a couple cq.

Come join us at Bellas Angels. You sound perfect for us.we’re from all around the world and we do like a giggle

Your welcome by six chests

tiki tiki club is exactly what you described. We’re a fun active Gold/Platinum team that works hard but has fun doing it. We love to chat and have no drama. Everyone is positive and friendly. And YES, we complete ALL perks most of the time. Would love to have you on our team!!

My team has an immediate opening… We All Fit In…

Give us a try I’m sure you will be very happy here… I’m Phil. Leader of the club we started out 4 weeks ago and we are now platinum…

Thanks and hope to see you on the team… God Bless you and please stay safe…

Our club is Jenns Hero’s. We are have merged with a killer club. We will be moving to our new club in a week or so. Let us know if you are interested.: )

Hi! If you haven’t found a club yet, please consider ours- Karma’s a Beach!

Competitive players: 35k/week, 5k/day, and 2k before idle. Must communicate and complete club quests (we do make fair exceptions). Perk order 1,6,2,5,4,3. We hit all perks, including the special perk.

Send Karma’s a Beach an invite! We’d love to have you!

Hi There…is looking for just such a member but I don’t know how to link to our club.

Hi, you’d be welcome to join Dirty Ducks. We get 1st place in gold & take a lazy week while in platinum to collect coins & resources. We dig, but no one is required to dig unless they qualify. We are a nice bunch. During lazy week the only quests we really go for are the tribute trapper & tribute trek, other than that, member play at their leisure. When we are in the gold league we play hard & snag 1st place. We have a 15k min, 200 tributes per week & no 24 hours idle without notice. Come check us out if interested. :slight_smile:

Hi @Marty_Williams. I have a feeling a team already scooped you up, but if you’re still searching for the perfect team, R Happier Team sounds like an amazing match for you. :slight_smile:

We’re a fun, chatty team, 30k min per week (we do understand if you notify us that you’ll be away or busy for some reason though). We’re a Platinum team that completes all club perks. We typically get the Golden Tiki as our 3rd perk on Sunday.

We’d love to have you join us!

We had a great club that was doing most of this, but have lost some players. We were one spot away from platinum. Looking for active players that will help us rebuild. Come join Time To Tiki