Looking for multiple new players that average 4,000 points daily

Individual players? Merge teams? We are looking for any where up to 10 players that average 4,000 points daily. We are a solid platinum team with the 15 of us that meet minimums. Looking to fill the roster with players that all do.

Come join us.

Idgit Island is looking for a team to merge with. I didn’t see your team name here. Are you still looking for new players? We are currently at 15 members

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I am looking for a new team because the team I’m playing on I’m the only one that’s active I have so many points that I don’t know what to do with!
I play every day so if you’re looking for somebody I would love to join your team

Check us out, Idgit Island. We are rebuilding after several members moved up to Legend. We have been solid Diamond but will probably drop to Platinum until we can get our team full again.