Looking for loyal, consistent players

We are a Platinum team, and we like it there. We are looking for people that are loyal to our team, play consistently, can communicate, and have a good attitude. We have awesome players now, but it seems the holidays get in the way of playing (how rude, LOL) People drop out of the team because they have too many holiday things to do. Instead of talking about it, they just say I have too much to do this time of year and poof they are gone. I prefer to try to work with people. I have set minimums of 15000 coins + 150 tributes. Help keep the volcano down and care about the team. I don’t feel I ask for much, but you do need to chat as far as which CQ you maxed and that you maxed. Digging and race are optional, but if you qualify for them, you have to play them. A minimum of 18 shovels. A minimum of 40 points per day on the race. If you think you might be a good fit for our team/family, leave me a reply here and I should be notified. Come and join Merrys Misfits the awesome team!
P.S. CG means Club Gift, CQ means Club Quest, CC means Club Competition. If there is an abbreviation that starts with C it’s a pretty safe bet that means Club, take a ss (screen shot) of this so you will have it for reference.

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That’s a lot of coins 15,000 . Do we always have to have that much coins to play ?

15,000 per week. That’s pretty normal. Are you on a Platinum team now? I think if you join us, you will see if you play every day, do your CQ and help to cool the volcano when needed, it will be easy. In a typical week we all go way above 15,000. Are you interested in joining us?

play consistently, can communicate, and have a good attitude.

hey :] i like the sound of that. 150/15k is a-ok. I’d like to join up at the end of the week…? I sent you a PM

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You could join us now! Unless your team is at higher rewards than we are? Is HonkDingus your player name? I will have to check my PM’s

yup I’m HonkDingus in the game.

I’d like to finish out the week w these folks, just because :]. the club moved up to gold this week, but seems likely to get plopped back down to stone.

I guess that’s why I want to finish the week… help squeak them above the demotion line maybe

I like that you’re loyal like that!! Just let me know when you are ready!

sent you a join request

I accepted it. I’m not in there right now, I just jumped in to accept your request! Good luck and have fun!

Cindy, this is why I’ve been idle. Power went out with phone at 3%. I’ll contact you when this is over.

Honk while you were “on” the team, you didn’t do the things you said you were all about. Chat is required, maxing CQ’s is required and which CQ you maxed. We don’t know if you maxed, unless you say you have maxed. I am willing to give anyone a 2nd chance, but you have to be willing to comply with the rules. Stay safe in that ice storm. Contact me when you are safe and if you are willing to go by the rules. Take care

Thanks for understanding. I stayed warmer and happier than I thought I would.

didn’t do the things

Copy that. didn’t meet yall’s other requirements I guess. I was focused on tributes.

I’ll holler atcha later probably :] after I reread the club standards heh

Ok, glad you are safe! All you need to do is #1. CHAT-I don’t ask for much but it applies to rule #2 MAX THE CQ. When you max the CQ CHAT that you have maxed the CQ and which CQ you maxed ie: maxed tributes, maxed games played, maxed red stars, etc. IF you qualify for the CC (digging for gold) you have to play the CC. There are some very specific rules for digging, so if you have a question about it PLEASE ask, even if you don’t have a question team up with someone else that is digging & ASK. If you qualify for the boat race, you have to play the boat race. There are also some things on that game that if you ask, people will help you in order to win either one of these games. We like 1st place, so if you ask, you will be helped. That doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits the team, so they are happy to help. Any of us are happy to help. Talk to you later, or when you are ready just request to come in, the other leaders know to let you in, so no problem.

Well i just logged on to start grinding out tribs and CQs, but I’ve been removed… I’m guessing for a “5-hour rule(?)” for new joins, even though I wouldn’t have thought be considered new… and I’m pretty sure I was readded around 7:30 pm PST and logged in about 4.5 hours later.

Maybe it was because I was showing “active” because I grab the 20m free coins in between passenges (cab driver) but no tribs.

Regardless, thanks for your time. C ya around.

We were in the middle of a CQ and after all your promises of complying with the rules, you come on the team and make a show of chatting and saying how you are going to do the CQ. Then you leave, getting 0 points and 0 tributes. No, you were never a part of the team, you never wanted to be or intended to be. You said you were in an ice storm and you came out of it better than you thought you would. It then took you 5 days to join the team AFTER you came out better. I don’t know what your definition of TEAM is, but we are way off on being on the same page. Sorry it didn’t work, good luck on your next team.

Hi , all you have to do to see who all is maxed in Club Quest is click on the Clubhouse to see who has what . I would’ve joined but you say to play consistently . There’s other things that need done throughout the day and etc . Can’t babysit a game . I’m in a team called Plumeria . Pretty good team .