Looking for info for my club mates!?

So I have some members in my new club that have a few great questions that I can’t answer! Lol can anyone help me?
“HOW do you earn them?

of cards played? Streak points? Time left? Is there something I can focus on to earn more per game?”

Also, this current 7th perk doesn’t say how many points needed to get it…I think they should all say how much each takes, does anyone know how many points for each perk? Someone has figured it out I remember but can’t find it. Ty all!!!

What I would tell them is play tributes! You earn more club points to complete perks faster. As you turn cards that you can’t play you go backwards on the streak meter. And vice versa, the more cards continuously you can clear at once you will gain in the card streaks. Don’t pay to refresh tributes, play them when they refresh in an hour. If I know I will be on for awhile I will use a red star booster.

@NJPanic, this weeks 7th perk requires 450,000 points to complete.

You get approximately 25 points for every 1,000 coins you win while playing a hand. I haven’t actually verified that lately, and they have been know to change it up a little one way or the other.

As @Tracy mentioned, you get bonus points on the hands with tributes. I think it’s 20 bonus points if you only uncover 1 tribute, and 130 bonus points if you win the hand to uncover the the grand poobah tiki tribute (can’t recall off hand what they call it LOL) Again, I haven’t verified that in a while, so the amount of points might be slightly different.

It takes 5 cards to complete 1/3 of a streak… or with a doubler, 3 cards for 1/3, or 5 cards for 2/3. I haven’t seen the streak meter go backwards, but I haven’t watched it in a while… I’ll check that out Tracy!


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Yea that’s what I’ve told them but those were the questions that came up and I was like wow! Idk! Excellent questions and I can’t even respond lol I felt bad so I came here for help bc I know I’ve seen it before somewhere…I’m pretty sure lol

As always, ty CindyLu! I always know the goods and I will be watching that meter too! I know that if u don’t hit the star it working towards in ur streak it will go “backwards” to the star before…I wonder if that’s what Tracey means? Hmmm :slight_smile: ty!!! If y’all get anymore info pls lemme know!!!

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Yes, it counts by full streak sequences - there are three of them - two dots and the star. If you get almost to the next streak level, it hovers for a second in case you play a wild or a card that continues it. But if you play a card that doesn’t, it slides backward to the most recent streak level completed (zero or one of the 2 dots), so you have to start that streak section all over again. Note that for the same reason, it takes a second for the final streak star to register - so don’t go throwing that wild card in too fast on the last one in order to get the full streak yellow star, or you may have wasted it. I did that a couple times before i learned to keep tabs on the thing while I was playing.

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